About Us

OL Audio was founded in 1996 by Owen Liebich after moving to California from the east coast. Owen was employed as a DJ and sound engineer by the top nightclubs in the Boston area during the 80's.

Owen has over 25 years of experience in the sound industry as a DJ / Performer, & Engineer / Technician working for companies in the motion picture industry such as Todd AO and Universal Studios.

OL Audio is sponsored by Sony Media Software Inc. and uses Sony Acid, Sound Forge & Vegas for editing of video and sound.

Our Mission at OL Audio

To provide reasonably priced sound playback and recording services to local bands, musicians, post production houses, radio, TV, film, and events of all types!

Our services include (but are not limited to..)

OL Audio Produces, Publishes, & Distributes ozone333 Electronic music! Listen to ozone333 electronic music at .ozone333.com Purchase CD's or MP3's from Cd Baby or the official ozone333 web site!

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